We are parents, aunties, crazy uncles, awesome neighbors and engaged grandparents. We want to help raise kids who are creators, dreamers and doers. We put creativity back in the hands of our kids by allowing them to create their own play. We remind them that anything is possible, and that they have the power to change the world.



At Play from Scratch, we believe creative kids become adults who thrive. We want to inspire kids and adults to build big ideas through open-ended creative play. We see the world as a place full of possibilities and resources that can be used to solve problems and create fun.

We have two giant goals. The first is to inspire relentlessly creative kids who have imaginations powerful enough to confront and solve the challenges they will face as adults.

Our second goal is to set a new standard for sustainability in toys. Everything we make includes recycled material and is ultimately recyclable. We source our wood pulp-based products from sustainable sources and are constantly looking for ways to reduce, balance or eliminate the environmental impact of what we do.



Find raw materials
Your recycling is a good place to start. Newspaper, magazines, boxes, cardboard tubes and tape are great raw materials. Throw in some silverware, straws and blankets and you’re ready to go. Our recyclable Raw Materials kits like The World Famous Box of Boxes and The Enormous Tube Of Tubes are a great way to augment what you have around the house.

Create a challenge
Come up with a random challenge, like build a magnificent tower. The more interesting the challenge the better. Our Go Creative cards jumpstart this creative process.

Build big ideas
Build that magnificent tower (or beautiful alien or luminescent dog) out of raw materials. You can go big with stacked couch cushions or small with twist ties. There are no limits to what you can create.

Share what you have created
Invite the neighbors over to marvel at your creations or post a picture on social media. By engaging others you fuel the creative cycle and build excitement for what’s next. Tag Play from Scratch in your posts to share your creations with the world, or discover other ways to share online.

Recycle your raw materials and start over
Nothing lasts forever and most toys last far longer than they should. When you’re done playing, take apart what you have created and use the raw materials to create something new.

That’s Play from Scratch
When you use recycled raw materials to build your toys, you learn that it’s possible to create something from anything. What could be better than that?



Play from Scratch is constantly developing and improving products that support open-ended creative play. Everything we create (did we say everything? we mean everything) is carefully sourced to be sustainable and recyclable. We believe that great words like “creative” and “play” should not end with the word “landfill.”

CREATIVE: We have this crazy notion that creative toys shouldn’t come with instructions. Our games and Raw Materials Kits are full of inspiration, but leave the creative work to the kids.

SUSTAINABLE: Our paper comes from certified sustainable sources, our cardboard is made from 70% post-consumer waste… and we are just getting started.

RECYCLABLE: We hope that you play with our durable Go Cards and Raw Materials Kits for years. But once you are done with our products — days, weeks, years or decades from now — recycle them.

MADE IN THE USA: We are based in St. Paul, Minnesota and the majority of our products are made within 30 miles of us, with a few components sourced from fine places like Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Hickory, North Carolina. Everything we produce is made in the USA.

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